Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

3 Ways A Town Planning Professional Can Help To Get Council Approval For Your Home Extension Project

by Frank Elliott

Adding an extension to an existing home is a popular choice for many Australian homeowners. It's a great way to increase your living space and add value to your property. Along with coming up with a successful design, you'll need to get planning permission from your local council before you can begin the construction process.

If you live in an urban area that's densely populated, then getting planning permission can sometimes be a difficult task. Town planning laws exist to ensure that property development in different areas is sympathetic to the architectural style that already exists and that any developments don't negatively impact the occupants or businesses that surround your property.

Using the services of a company that specialises in town planning and urban development submissions to councils will help to make your chances of approval more likely. Here are three ways that a town planning professional can help you with your extension application.

1. Design advice

Engaging the services of a town planner should happen before you begin the design process with your architect or draftsman. They can discuss your ideas for the extension and advise you whether the design you have in mind is one that is likely to be one that the council will be happy to sign off on.

Your town planner may advise you that some or all of the design or features of your extension are unlikely to be approved for construction. In this scenario, they can make recommendations for modifications that will give your extension project a higher likelihood of success.

2. Preparation of your application

Submitting a planning approval application to your local council is often a convoluted and complicated process. Navigating the intricacies of council bureaucracy and making sure that the application is completed following the correct pathways is what your town planner is trained and experienced to do.

In preparing your application, they'll complete all the necessary paperwork and prepare a compliance assessment report that shows the council that your proposed extension meets all town planning laws. Once you've signed off on the application, they'll submit it to the council on your behalf.

3. Post application communication with the council

The amount of time taken to make decisions on building approval varies dramatically from council to council. Your town planning professional will liaise with the council and keep you regularly updated with the process of your application.

If for some reason your application is rejected, they can also help you to negotiate with the council to appeal the decision or modify your application to address the council's concerns. Sometimes a face-to-face meeting with a council planning official may be needed to successfully reach a mutually acceptable design.


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