Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Get Creative with Glass Splashbacks and Install Them in Your Laundry Room

by Frank Elliott

Glass splashbacks have garnered a reputation for being a design element in kitchens or bathrooms. Over the years, though, there has been an emerging trend in utilising glass splashbacks in laundry rooms too! Surprisingly, people do not realise the amount of time that they spend in their laundry room. Despite the hours on end spent here, laundry rooms remain one of the most neglected spaces in the home, which translates into them being dark and unappealing. However, since you spend a considerable amount of time in this space, it would be an excellent idea to upgrade it so that it does not put a damper on your mood. Moreover, improving the appearance of your laundry room will also boost the value of the property. So what makes glass splashbacks a great addition to your laundry room?

Glass splashbacks to brighten your laundry room

One of the immediate effects of installing glass splashbacks in your laundry room is that the space will instantaneously become brighter. Although laundry rooms are pretty dull and dark, what people do not realise is that they begin to sap your energy. As a result, doing your laundry becomes a despised chore since you are not enjoying your time in this space. Since cleaning your laundry is unavoidable, it would be best to make the room as inviting as possible.

The installation of glass splashbacks helps to accentuate the limited natural light that would be available to this space. This light enhancement could also translate into decreased electric costs, as you may always need artificial lighting on when doing your laundry. Areas that you could focus on when installing the glass splashbacks include under the cabinets, above the laundry sink as well as the space over the laundry worktop. You should also consider installing glass splashbacks directly opposite the main source of natural light for maximum reflectivity.

Glass splashbacks for easy to clean surfaces

The laundry room may have started as a room designated to clean your clothes, but undoubtedly, it has transformed into a jack-of-all-trades. In most Australian homes, the laundry room plays the role of a mudroom, storage space and a host of other applications. Therefore, it is likely to get dirty more frequently than other spaces in your home.

To make it easier for you to keep your laundry room pristine, you should install glass splashbacks on surfaces that people come into regular contact with. Glass is impermeable, so it will not absorb any stains. Moreover, the sleek surface makes it easy to wipe down with over exerting yourself.


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