Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Home Remodelling Ideas for the Home Owner Who Loves to Entertain!

by Frank Elliott

Other than being a passion and a lifestyle, hosting is an art only mastered by few. If you are one of the lucky home owners who loves to host birthday parties, family gatherings, and company dinners, then you know planning is everything.

So, what do you do when you feel your home lacks the right feel, look or space to accommodate your guests? Is your space worth a full remodel?

Yes! Of course, it's worth a full remodel! The right home design will get your home ready for entertaining and also improve your family life.

If you love entertaining, here are remodeling ideas you can include when renovating your home.

A warm and welcoming entryway

An entryway should offer a fresh, inviting feeling for your guests. Make sure your entry way has enough room to manoeuvre and has good lighting. Make sure to cover the exterior of your entryway to keep your guest dry when it's raining.

Include a coat closet

Adding a coat closet in the hallway comes in handy for hanging guests' coats and purses to keep them out of sight.  However, if you have a spacious hallway, you can include wall hooks or a coat tree.

Consider kitchen counter sitting

The ideal entertaining kitchen should include countertops with plenty prep space and a seating area where guest can pull a seat and chat while you cook.

Consider a kitchen island that features room for seating at the ends. You can customise the design of your island into a version that provides a seating area while at the same time supplying plenty of utility.  For example, an L-shaped island allows more sitting capacity that a rectangular island.

Include a walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry comes in handy for storing your cooking ingredients and entertaining essentials. A walk-in pantry will help you stay organised and eliminates the need for many cabinets in your kitchen.

How about a formal dining room?

If your love hosting cosy sit down dinners, a formal dining room is a must have. It allows you to be the ultimate hostess by showcasing your cooking and presentation skills. If you want to go all out, talk to your construction contractor about including a fireplace to help you provide the ultimate cosiness.

Expand your deck, patio or porch

Guests love to gather on a deck or porch. Adding or expanding your already existing patio allows your guest more room where they can sit and enjoy your gorgeous lawn.

Other than furniture, adding a few plants, a fire place, and creative lighting increases the entertaining space in your home. For more information, contact companies like A.P.T. Design Drafting & Construction Pty Ltd.


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Calling in the Contractors

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