Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Concrete Grinding Vs Concrete Cutting – What Is The Difference?

by Frank Elliott

Concrete grinding and concrete cutting are two common techniques used for an assortment of concrete applications. As a result, some people tend to confuse the two and use the terms interchangeably assuming that they mean the same thing. Although both methods are viable ways to enhance or transform the appearance of concrete, their goals are distinctly different. So how can you differentiate between concrete grinding and concrete cutting?

Concrete grinding

This type o concrete removal technique function to eliminate any irregularities that may be on the surface of your concrete. These imperfections may come about for a broad range of reasons ranging from improper construction, eventual settling of the concrete or even simply wear and tear from heavy traffic. The grinding process creates a smooth texture on the surface, making your concrete more visually appealing. A few of the advantages of choosing concrete grinding include:

  • The process of concrete grinding is time efficient, so you would not be inconvenienced by having to keep away from the concrete surfaces such as your driveway or walkways
  • Despite providing you with immediate results, concrete grinding is a relatively affordable solution
  • Concrete grinding does not require re-tapering once the procedure is completed
  • Concrete grinding can be performed on a vast range of concrete surfaces including parking lots, sidewalks and even flooring
  • The process of concrete grinding can help with prepping a concrete floor that is about to be refinishing using epoxy, polishing and more.

Concrete cutting

This type of concrete removal makes use of specialised equipment to cut away your concrete surface. Concrete cutting is especially ideal I the surface you are working on requires precise removal such as when improving one area of your driveway, installing water lines and more. However, you can also make use of concrete cutting in tandem with other projects for instance during excavation, and you need to eliminate the top layer of the concrete to start digging into the ground. Some of the different types of concrete cutting procedures that you could engage in include:

  • Asphalt cutting: this form of concrete cutting is suited to projects such as driveway cutting, road cutting are parking lot renovations.
  • Flat sawing: This type of concrete cutting is ideal when you need to eliminate the top portion of your concrete in an attempt to create a smooth surface.
  • Wall sawing: As the name suggests this form of concrete cutting focuses on cutting away sections of a wall either at a vertical or horizontal angle with the aim of installing windows, HVAC systems and more.


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