Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Two ways to prevent delays during a construction project

by Frank Elliott

Delays are frustrating and can lead to additional, unexpected costs. As such, it's sensible to do whatever you can to prevent them from happening. Here are two ways to do this:

Hire a certifier at the earliest possible stage

If you fail to secure the services of one of the certifiers in your local area during the early stages of your construction project, it is highly unlikely that the project will be finished within your original timeframe.

Your chosen certifier will need to assess the construction work as it is being carried out so that they can make sure that the work is being done in accordance with the relevant codes and in a manner which will result in a safe, habitable structure.

If they are satisfied that the work meets the appropriate standards, they will then, at the end of the project, provide you with an official certificate, which states that this is the case. If this certificate is not issued, the building cannot be used.

If you do not begin searching for certifiers early on in your project, you may have to wait several weeks for one to become available (it is rare to find a certifier who can immediately begin working, as most are busy with other projects). Given that the construction work must be overseen and assessed by this individual, in this scenario, your project could end up starting weeks after the date you initially intended it to.

Go the extra mile to create comfortable working conditions for your team

Low productivity levels can have an enormous impact on the speed with which a construction project progresses. If your construction workers do not perform their assigned tasks efficiently and effectively, your project will almost certainly fall behind schedule.

The speed with which your team carries out their work can be affected by how comfortable their work environment is. For example, if your project is taking place during the winter months and your workers need to perform activities outdoors, it's important to bear in mind that the temperatures could have an effect on their productivity levels if you do not provide them with adequate protection from the cold.

Performing manual labour in freezing temperatures can be physically exhausting and very demoralising. In this situation, you could improve your team's working conditions (and thus increase their productivity levels) by providing them with thick thermal gloves, warm outerwear, and by setting up a portable, heated break room, in which there are facilities for making hot drinks. These simple steps will make the challenging task of working in freezing temperatures far less physically and mentally challenging.


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Calling in the Contractors

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