Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Why Choose a Wall Mounted AC Unit for Your New Home Build

by Frank Elliott

Living in Australia means placing a high priority on air conditioning installation when you are constructing a new home. When shopping around for one of these systems, you may find it tremendously difficult narrowing down your options simply due to the vast assortment of choices available. One of the types of air conditioning systems that you could consider though is the wall mounted unit. The following are a few of the reasons why wall mounted units make an excellent air conditioning solution for your new home build:

Wall mounted units are attractive

Undoubtedly when constructing a new home, you would want it to be as aesthetically pleasing as it possibly can. When you opt for a wall mounted unit, you can rest assured that your residence will not be visually compromised.

Technological advancements have seen to it that the air conditioning industry has moved away from bulky wall units to systems that have a sleek and contemporary design. Thus, although your wall mounted units will be in direct view, you do not have to worry about them being obtrusive in the rooms that you choose to install them in.

In addition to this, the installation of these air conditioning units does not require the cutting of wall to fit ducts, cables and other accessories. Therefore, opting for this type of air conditioning unit will not have a significant effect on the construction of your residence.

Wall mounted units are highly versatile

A misassumption that you may have about wall mounted units is that they have the same functionalities and only differ regarding the brand. In reality, wall mounted units are one of the most versatile options that you could consider when contemplating air conditioning installation. Firstly, the wall mounted units come in a broad range of designs. Therefore, you can be assured that you will find a style to complement the décor design that you choose for your new home build.

Secondly, Wall mounted units come in a vast array of capacities. So whether your new home build is small and cosy or large and palatial, there will be an air conditioning system that will meet your heating and cooling requirements.

Lastly, wall mounted units come with varying efficiencies and technologies. The inbuilt characteristics not only function to make your new home build energy efficient, but they also give you the flexibility to choose a unit that is as digitally advanced as you would like.


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