Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

How to Choose the Best Lock for Your Retail Store's Front Door

by Frank Elliott

For most business owners, finding a suitable retail store location and renovating the space to one's needs and preferences is among the most important steps when starting out. However, it is also essential to pay attention to the security measures you have in place to maximise the safety of your investment.  When choosing the ideal locking solutions, you want to work with something that is within your budget without compromising on security. Here are some few ideas on how to save money but still ensure that your store is secured from burglars.

Assess the door's construction

Your storefront door lock is only as good as the door that it is attached to. Getting a high-security lock for a door that's of an inferior material may prove useless in the long run. In the event of a break-in, this will cost you your investment and force you to install a sturdy door as well. Before shopping around for the best locks, ensure that your door is sturdy. Choose a door material that reflects the level of security that you want. For instance, steel doors or metal roll-up doors are stronger as compared to wood doors. Glass doors that can easily be broken are not a good idea unless you have trained personnel to guard the premises when you are closed.

Choose quality locks

As you renovate a space for your business, you are bound to incur a lot of expenses. Most people strive to cut costs as much as possible. However, when it comes to purchasing a storefront lock, cheap will be expensive in the long run. Don't go for any lock just because it is affordable. Go for quality locks that are suitable for use on a commercial property. The best ones should have the following features:

  • They should have sturdy and solid hardened metal that can resist drilling, cutting, bludgeoning and other forms of destructive entry.
  • They should be pick-resistant.
  • They should protect against lock bumping.
  • They should enable key control by having a patented keyway so that unauthorised personnel cannot duplicate the keys.

Ensure that the lock has a long lifespan and its internal components will not break due to repeated locking and unlocking. Also, make sure that the lock's components are resistant to rust and weathering, which can compromise its performance.

Consider additional security

After getting the best lock for the door, think about other security features which can maximise the safety of your store. For instance, you can install a door alarm which will be triggered if someone tries to manipulate or break through the door. Additionally, other features such as a surveillance system can also deter would-be burglars from the premises. Your locksmith can help in choosing the best features for your front door based on the security threats in the area.

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