Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

The Tools You Will Require For House Demolitions

by Frank Elliott

Demolition refers to the action of taking down an entire structure to a point where certain or whole aspects of it do not exist. Demolition can be quite messy and dangerous mostly in cases where the right tools are not used to perform specific tasks. House demolitions can be done as part of home renovations where particular areas of the house such as walls are taken down to offer desirable characteristics, for instance, an open floor plan kitchen. To perform a house demolition, more often than not one will be tempted to go at it with the use of a sledge hammer as it seems fun and exciting. However, that is not always the right way to approach it as each tool has its purpose of making the process quicker and safer. Specific tools will, therefore, be required to complete the job successfully. Such tools include pry bars and an assortment of hammers.

  1. Pry Bars -- When it gets to house demolitions, pry bars become quite a useful tool. This is because a pry bar has the capability of separating any nailed wood from the walls. The tool can also be used in removing old tiles or wood flooring which need to be replaced. The pry bars can quickly remove any stubborn nails making the task of house demolition seamless. The demolition tool is light, durable and has the capability of fitting into tight spaces. The pry bar is also firm enough to eventually pull out almost all of the framing wood used in the interior of the house.
  2. Hammers – Hammers come in various options all applicable for tough demolition jobs. The first choice in this class of tools is the claw hammer which can be used for small prying jobs that do not require a crowbar. The claw hammer can also be used to remove buried nails from walls and wood. A hammer can be used to knock small holes in walls when looking for power lines, gas lines or water pipes.The second tool from this class is the mini-sledge hammer which is characterised by its massive sledge head for stubborn home demolition tasks. The mini-sledge hammer can be used for taking down interior framing as well as wood supported beams. The final tool in this artillery is the full-size sledge hammer which can be used in tasks that do require more weight and strength. This hammer has the capability of knocking down an entire wall and therefore requires safety and precaution when using.


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Calling in the Contractors

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