Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Timber Resin Repairs for Sagging Roof Trusses

by Frank Elliott

A sagging roof is enough to make a homeowner's heart sink. It can be distressing when your roof trusses have deteriorated enough to affect the structural integrity of your roof. The implications can be serious if the problem remains unaddressed, although to repair the issue requires a reasonable financial commitment. When the deterioration is significant, the entire roof will sometimes need to be removed, with each of the trusses removed and replaced. But what about when trusses are only starting to collapse on one side? When the entire truss is not affected, it might be possible to repair it with a timber resin that will restore it to its former strength. Not all repair companies will offer this service, so you might need to hunt around until you find one that does. It can be worth the effort though, since the overall job will be far less labour- and cost-intensive than a traditional replacement. So how can a roof truss be repaired with a timber resin?

The Wooden Blocks

The actual anchoring device looks deceptively simple. Two wooden blocks are cut to match the width of the truss. Holes are then drilled into the blocks to house the steel rods that will do the initial heavy lifting. These rods are cut to the necessary length of the section of the truss that they will be replacing.

The Steel Rods

The two wooden blocks are connected together with the steel rods being inserted into each of the specially drilled and positioned holes. The affected section of the truss is cut out and removed, with the wooden blocks connected by the steel rods immediately inserted into place. A temporary steel prop is affixed to the underside of the truss, stabilising it.

The Timber Resin

The timber resin is then applied to the gaps between the steel rods, essentially filling the hollow. The end result is a replacement section of the truss that is a combination of the initial wooden end blocks, the steel rods, and the hardened resin. If properly installed, this timber resin repair offers the stability of an entirely new truss.

Not a DIY Job

Remember that while you can obtain the necessary tools and materials yourself, this is a complex job that is best left to a professional. An improper application will result in a weakened roof, which has the potential to be extremely serious.

It's not an appropriate solution to all types of roof truss deterioration, but it can be a viable and cost-effective fix when only one side of the truss is beginning to sag. To learn more about roof trusses, contact a company like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd.


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