Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

2 Fantastic Concepts to Consider For Your Home's Rear Extension Renovation Project

by Frank Elliott

Home extensions are a popular renovation project. Extensions are a great way to increase your living space and add value to your home without the stress and inconvenience of buying a larger home and moving. One of the most common home extension projects is a rear extension.

Generally, there is more room at the back of a house than at the front so it makes a lot of sense to extend out in that area. If you're planning a rear home extension, here are two concepts you might like to consider during the design process.

1. Connect your indoor and outdoor areas

A rear extension that incorporates living areas that create a connection between your indoor space and your outdoor living areas are a popular and modern design feature to consider. Your rear extension can easily utilise this idea by creating a large, open-plan extension that is directly linked to a deck or covered patio.

Large, versatile doors, like bi-fold doors, that connect the interior to the outdoor space will allow a seamless flow from inside to outside. You can also connect the kitchen to an alfresco dining area via a hatch window which makes outdoor entertaining easier and more sociable.

2. Create an independent living space

If your rear extension is going to provide extra bedrooms instead of living rooms, then it's wise to consider building it so that it can be used independently of the rest of your home if you desire. This gives you more flexibility in how the space can be used in the future as your space requirements change.

You can choose to build the extension as entirely separate space with its own entrance. You can also keep it connected to the main building using doors that can be easily locked or sealed over if you want to change the use of the new space at any point.

An independent space could be used a granny flat or studio apartment for an elderly relative or adult child. It can also take advantage of the trend for using homes as holiday lettings for extra income or it may provide a space for a home-based business or office space.

If you'd like to include one of these ideas in the design of your rear home extension, have a discussion with your builder or renovation contractor. They can help you to come up with a design that will incorporate the chosen idea and ensure that it works well with your accommodation enlargement needs.


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