Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Why You Should Consider Plywood Transportable Homes

by Frank Elliott

When plywood first made its debut into the building supplies industry, it was considered a weaker substitute to solid wood supplies. As the industry advanced, though, plywood has steadily experienced a revamp, making it one of the primary choices that you could consider when contemplating timber supplies. If you are looking to add a home extension on your property, here are some reasons why you should consider plywood transportable homes.

Plywood transportable homes are highly attractive

Some individuals may assume that selecting building supplies based on their aesthetic appeal would be redundant as you could still finish the surface according to your preference. What these people are not considering is the cost to enhance the visual appeal of raw building supplied. If you are looking to keep your construction costs low by cutting out steps such as finishing the surface of your extension, plywood would be a great option. The plywood veneers come already finished, which means painting them would be at your discretion.

Plywood transportable homes are inherently stable

A misconception people may have about plywood panels is that they are weak and flimsy. Although you can get thin plywood panels for projects that do not need high structural strength, you also can find durable plywood veneers that can be used as walls, fencing and more. In fact, you may even find that plywood veneers could offer you higher structural integrity than natural wood. The reason for this is that plywood has a cross grain. This cross grain function to ensure that the plywood strength is distributed evenly across the panel. Solid wood, on the other hand, is only strong along its grain, which would make is susceptible to breakage if exposed to high impact at its weak spots. Secondly, plywood can be further fortified using multiple veneers. Phenolic adhesives are used to stick these veneers together to create an impact resistant panel of plywood!

Plywood transportable homes are lightweight

An advantage of plywood that is often overlooked is its lightweight nature. Some individuals may assume that being lightweight translates into being weak but in reality, the lightweight nature of the plywood does not affect its tensile strength. Therefore, plywood can be used in a myriad of applications ranging from roofing, cladding, flooring and more in your home extension. Moreover, since the plywood is easy to handle and transport, it means you will enjoy reduced labour and construction costs. Hence, a plywood transportable home would be more cost effective than utilising other construction materials and building your extension from scratch. 


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Calling in the Contractors

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