Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Instances Where You Require a Feature Survey

by Frank Elliott

Feature surveys represent one of the most commonly undertaken surveys. Before making any adjustments to your property such as the construction of a house, an extension or subdivision of the existing house, a feature survey has to be carried out. The feature surveyors use various equipment to collect all relevant information from your site such as the height and position of things on and around your property. Here are a few cases that will require the services of a feature surveyor:

  1. The Subdivision of Land – Presently, the national planning commission (WAPC) insists on a detailed and accurate feature survey whenever one applies for the division of land in parts such as Western Australia. The application should include the proposed boundaries covered by the new plots as well as the associated area and dimensions. The new boundaries can be easily overlaid on a feature survey plan. The need for the feature survey is because it proves to be important when working out allowances and distances especially to the battle axe lots or the survey strata.
  2. The Construction of a Swimming Pool – The construction of swimming pools also require the services of a feature surveyor. This will provide the exact framework on how the proposed pool design will fit into the existing land. The local council will need to have an overview of this together with concise information from the survey. This mostly applies in cases where one is building a pool near a boundary that might have a change of height to the property of a neighbour.
  3. Retaining walls and Landscape Designs – A feature survey is also quite necessary especially when you desire to construct a retaining wall on your lot or between you and your neighbour's lot. The survey will be able to collect all the changes in grade and elevations around the retaining area thus equipping engineers with crucial information they require to design a robust and stable wall. The engineers and architects employ the accuracy of the surveyors plan to use their creativity in designing more complicated and breathtaking structures around your garden space.
  4. New Construction Projects – When planning to demolish an existing house and develop a new one. A full feature survey has to be conducted. The survey will be used to capture various features and levels of your property. The feature survey will also obtain the ground levels of your neighbour close to the boundary as well as the different locations of their buildings. The collection of survey information along the border on your neighbour's property will assist the architect to come up with a retaining wall that supports the ground entirely. This will be by the local building standards.


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Calling in the Contractors

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