Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

All About Construction Surveys

by Frank Elliott

You just finished constructing your dream home, only to realise that flooding in your compound is an inconvenience you will have to deal with every time it rains; or you have been enjoying your swimming pool for a while, and then you get new neighbours, who inform you that the swimming pool is partly on their property. While these scenarios sound a bit extreme, they are a common occurrence that often lead to disputes. To avoid getting into such kinds of trouble, you should consider getting construction surveys done on your land before any construction work begins.

What are construction surveys?

These can be described as the taking of detailed measurements of a piece of land to determine its boundary lines and other crucial details about the property. For instance, the presence of sewer lines, pipes, fences, trees, and driveways. These surveys can also provide valuable information about what was once in the plot such as a graveyard or a parking lot.

Construction surveys or engineering surveys are usually performed by professionals known as construction surveyors or land surveyors. These surveyors work closely with other professionals involved in construction projects such as architects, contractors, and structural engineers. A surveyor is usually the first professional to "work" on a construction site, as he/she must take the site's measurements. A land surveyor may also use computer software to analyse the land to identify a suitable area for construction.

Who needs a construction surveyor?

Anyone who plans to engage in a construction project needs the services of a construction surveyor. Bear in mind that a construction project is a huge and costly investment, and therefore, you need not get into such a project blindly. Construction surveys can detect unsafe ground conditions and even make sure that your construction fits within the boundaries of your property. All this is vital if you want to build a sound structure and if you're going to avoid problems with your neighbour(s) and local authorities.

Generally, if you plan to purchase land, remove any structures from your land or construct any type of structure, including additions such as decks and pools, you should first get your property surveyed.

Most land buyers have regretfully discovered that what was described in the land purchase agreement and even the title deed is not what they purchased. Others have started projects only to have local authorities stop them mid-way because their type of project was not suitable for that particular zone. Construction surveys can help you avoid such costly mistakes. 


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Calling in the Contractors

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