Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

4 Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Old Pontoon Boat

by Frank Elliott

Do you have an old pontoon boat which has not been used for several years? Read on and discover some of the useful upgrades or modifications which you should consider when you are restoring that old boat.

An Extra Pontoon

You should consider adding a third pontoon to your old boat during the restoration project. That extra pontoon will make the boat more stable on the water. This extra stability will be particularly necessary in case you intend to go skiing or engaging in other water sports on rough seas. The third pontoon will also make it possible for you to install an engine with greater power since the boat's added stability will prevent it from being hard to control at higher speeds.

An Aluminium Underskin

An aluminium underskin prevents water from flowing directly to the cross channels between the different pontoons. Direct water flow to the cross channels can make it harder for the boat to move due to the added drag. The underskin reduces that drag and enables you to move faster. The protective nature of the underskin also results in longer life for the different components of your pontoon boat, such as the cross channels. Remember to use an underskin of the greatest thickness or gauge available so that it will last without sustaining any damage.

In-Floor Storage

It may also be helpful for you to consider making a provision for in-floor storage on your pontoon boat. Such storage will be helpful in case you intend to go on longer trips in that boat. You can stow away a picnic basket and other needed supplies. Sports equipment, such as your skis, can also be kept in that storage compartment. Size the storage space appropriately so that it doesn't constrict the sitting area.

Lifting Strakes

Lifting strakes are devices which one can weld onto the sides of the pontoon boat in order to give the boat more lift as you are moving on the water. Your boat will therefore be more stable and perform better when you include these additions during the restoration project.

It might be helpful for you to view different pontoon boats so that you see the latest features that are available on the new boats which are being sold. You can then borrow ideas about the best way to revamp your old boat so that you don't leave out anything which could have made your pontoon boat meet all your needs without ditching it for a new one.


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