Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Dealing with excess water the right way

by Frank Elliott

What do you do with excess water on your property? If you allow the water to pool together you may drain the water from one area but you just create another hazard. Building an open drain is equally hazardous as people and debris may easily fall into the drain with potentially serious consequences.

What's the solution?

The only way to provide adequate drainage around your property and still provide a safe environment for anyone using the area is to use trench grates. Trench grates prevent cars and pedestrians from coming into contact with the drain while still allowing the water to enter the drain.

Choosing the right trench grates

When deciding where to place your trench grate it is advisable to consider the advice of a drainage professional. You will need to look at the way water flows across your property and the volume of water involved. If you find you need to place trench grates on a steeply sloping driveway then the volume of water flowing into the trench grates could be considerable and you should purchase a grate with sufficient capacity.

On land with a more gentle slope then you won't have to be so concerned with water capacity, and may want to think more about the aesthetics of your trench grates.

The right size trench grates for your property

Do you want a trench grate to cover an existing drain, or are you building a new drain that you want to cover? The most important aspect of choosing trench grates is ensuring that they are the correct size to cover the drain. If you are building a new drain it's a good idea to pick your trench grates first and then construct a drain to match. If you have an existing drain then you only have to measure it and choose a grate that will cover it. The majority of drains are built to a standard measurement so it should be possible to buy the size you need off the shelf.

Check the mechanical properties of your trench grates

It is possible to purchase a variety of trench grates for different applications. When thinking about the type of trench grate that you need you should consider both pedestrian and vehicular safety. Look for a trench grate that is strong enough to bear the weight of any vehicles that will pass over the gate. You should pay particular attention to the spacing of the bars on the grate. You must ensure that it is not possible for pedestrians, bicycle wheels, wheelchair wheels, or even high heeled shoes to become trapped in the grate.


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