Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

3 Steps to Upgrading Your Marine Berthing

by Frank Elliott

You may have a design that you want for your marine berthing upgrades. You know exactly what you want the finished product to look like and how you want it to work with your current marina clients. What you may not know is where to start or what to expect with the upgrade process. Here are three steps to upgrading your marine berthing construction with a professional contractor.

Assessing the Current Berthing

The first thing a marine berthing construction contractor will do is assess the current marina and the marine berthing you have. During the assessment process, the contractor will look for any issues that may be present. These issues could range from wood rot, rusted areas, or berthings that need to be expanded or completely replaced. They will also check for safety and risk factors that could affect the construction. You can also opt for a complete safety and inspection check of the full marina to ensure there are not other problems that should be taken care of.

Design Adjustments

When the assessment of the marina is completed, the contractor will then sit down with you to discuss your design plans for the marine berthing construction. They will let you know of any issues they found during the assessment or risk factors that were found. At this point they will give you their ideas to adjust your current design if you need them. They will also work with you if their adjustments do not match the type of marina or marine berthing result you are looking for.

Starting Construction

Following the assessment and the design adjustments, the marine berthing construction can begin. Keep in mind, this step may involve shutting down part of your marina for a time period. They may also need to block off certain portions of the marina for safety. They will tell you what day they can begin, the proposed end date, and anything that you will need to know regarding the process and your specific marina. During this process, you can discuss budgeting concerns and keep in contact with the lead contractor or foreman if there is a problem. 

These are only three of the steps you need to expect when you need to upgrade your marine berthing construction. If you are ready to move forward with the process, contact a company like The Jetty Specialist. They can help you with pricing, design and any questions about the process that you will have.


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Calling in the Contractors

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