Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Electrical Renovations: 4 Things to Consider

by Frank Elliott

If you are planning to carry out electrical renovations on your home, it is vital that you make a plan detailing the work before you begin. Below is a guide to some of the things you should consider when planning an electrical renovation.

Circuit boards

When completing an electrical renovation, many people choose to add additional power points in their home. Extra power points will help to reduce your reliance on extension leads, improving safety in your home. However, extra power points can also massively increase the demand placed on the circuit boards in your home. If you are planning to increase the number of power points in your home, it is essential that you also consider if your current circuit board has enough capacity to deal with the increased demand the additional power points will create.

Home Entertainment

An electrical renovation is a great time to develop your home entertainment system. The contractor will be able to rewire your home so you can mount your TV or surround sound speaker system on the walls of a room. This will allow you to enjoy cinema-style movies in the comfort of your own home.

Wired-in smoke alarms

When planning a renovation, it is easy to overlook important factors such as fire alarms. If the fire alarms in your home are battery powered, you should seriously consider installing new alarm equipment which is wired-in to the mains power supply. Battery smoke alarms can be unreliable. If the batteries run out of power, the alarm will not function. Although battery operated smoke alarms emit a beeping sound to warn the user that the battery is low on power, this often prompts people to remove the battery to stop the bleeping rather than replacing it. This, of course, leaves the smoke alarm completely dead. With a wire-in smoke alarm, you can be confident that your family will be protected from the risk of fire.

Ventilation and lighting systems

During an electrical renovation is a great time to install a new ventilation and lighting system in your home. While replacing the old ventilation and lighting systems in your home will increase the cost of your renovation, in the long-run, it will help you to reduce your energy bills. Modern ventilation and lighting systems are much more energy efficient, which means you will have smaller energy bills. For example, modern lighting systems use LED lights, which use much less power than traditional halogen bulbs.

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