Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Construction Sites: Three Critical Tips for Protecting Your Portable Toilets

by Frank Elliott

Portable toilets are perfect for construction sites because they are convenient for health and sanitation. In general, if you install these loos, the workers will not need to spend time unnecessarily outside the worksite. Also, it is important to remember that most major building and renovation tasks require plumbing and sewer shutdown. Therefore, the portaloos are necessary even if there are permanent toilets. Unfortunately, poor setup of the portable toilets can lead to problems such as instability and tip-over. Here are simple tips to help you protect the loos for ideal performance.

Check the Site Terrain

When installing your portable toilets, you must ensure that they are stable and level. It is important to evaluate your construction site and find an area which will provide a reliable surface for setup. Under ideal circumstances, the loos should be placed on dry and level ground. Avoid placed with transitions in terrain or raised areas because the toilets will be more vulnerable to instability and subsequent problems. You should also avoid sandy ground because the soil will not support the loos sufficiently.

Support against Structures

Portable loos are quite light. This characteristic makes the structures easy to transport and install. However, it makes the toilets vulnerable on construction sites. In general, if the site is windy or there is adverse weather, the structures can become unstable. Therefore, it is advisable to use other structures on the site to protect the portable toilets. For instance, if you place the structures against a brick or concrete building, the loos will be safe from adverse weather. Additionally, the walls will keep the loos propped up in case the structures are destabilised.

Think about Movement

It is essential for you to think about the movement of people and vehicles on your construction site. This aspect is important when installing portable toilets because unexpected incidents can happen. For instance, a construction vehicle can push against a poorly positioned toilet, causing a tip-over. Do not assume that everything will be fine even if your workers are experienced. Instead, you should take precautions and place your loos in a place which is accessible, but the structures must not get in the way of your construction activities.

Finally, you should plan on staking down the portable loos for better stability. Stakes are not always necessary, but they might be useful if the construction environment is harsh. The specialised stakes will keep the toilets in place, preventing accidental movement and vandalism. 

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Calling in the Contractors

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