Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Types of Asbestos Testing and What to Know About Each Type

by Frank Elliott

The misconception about asbestos testing is that all tests are performed the same and for the same reasons. The truth is that there are various types of asbestos testing. Each type of testing is done for very specific reasons with the outcome leading to different possible goals for removal and containment. Here are three of the main types of testing and what you should know about each type.

Presumptive Testing

A presumptive test is done in a similar manner to a home or building inspection. The asbestos inspector will walk through the building and begin looking for items that are known for having asbestos or may be suspected to have it. For example, you may have asbestos siding on homes or buildings that were built before a certain year and not updated after they were initially constructed. These items are noted and then testing is done to determine the level of asbestos that is present. The benefit of this testing is you can check buildings or homes you may not know the history of or check if the building materials are made asbestos before a renovation or remodeling.

Sampling Testing

Sampling testing is the most common form of asbestos testing. This method takes samples of items and structures that are believed to contain asbestos. The sampling is sent to a lab for testing, and the results are given to the contractor within a matter of a few days. When they receive the sampling results, the contractor will then determine the best way to go about containing the area and removing the asbestos. This test is done when you know for a fact that asbestos is present due to a previous presumptive test or to a building inspection.

Demolition Testing

If you plan on having demolition contractors remove a building from your property or do selective demolition, testing must be done. This type of testing goes over not only the items that may contain asbestos but also the internal items of the home or building. For example, insulation and roof trusses will be checked. Any area that could contain asbestos between the walls, behind plumbing or in related items will be checked and must show no asbestos prior to the demolition.

These are only three of the main types of asbestos testing and what you should know about each type. If you are facing asbestos issues with your home or business, contact your local removal professionals. They can test for the asbestos and determine the best method for containment and removal.


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