Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Useful Men's Accessory Units For Built-in Wardrobes

by Frank Elliott

Built-in wardrobes use space really effectively. Unlike standalone wardrobes, which leave gaps around them, built-in wardrobes fill their space exactly. This gives you more room for your stuff. You also get to design how the wardrobe works by slotting in racks, shelves and storage units.

As you pull together all the elements you need in a wardrobe, think about what you will do with your accessories as well as your clothes. The following options are worth a look.

Tie and Belt Racks

Ties and belts are easily lost in a wardrobe. You can hang them on regular hangers, but they may slip off. It's also hard to find ties and belts when they are crammed in a rack among your clothes.

While you can store these accessories in drawers, this isn't always a great solution. Rolled-up belts take up a lot of space, and rolling leather belts regularly may make them crack. Ties can get creased and crumpled in a drawer even if you roll them up carefully.

A hanging tie and belt rack gives you a home for both these items. They fit on hooks or over built-in custom hangers. This arrangement keeps your items straight and in good shape. When you need to find a tie or belt, you just pull out the rack and choose the one you want.

Accessory Drawers

You may own a lot of small items that you use regularly but not every day. For example, you may wear cufflinks or tie-clips. You may have a few pieces of jewellery that you wear on nights out. Then, there are your watches, pairs of sunnies and wallets.

While you can keep these items in a regular drawer, this drawer will probably turn into a catch-all dump drawer. You'll put anything in there that doesn't have a home.

Additionally, some things in a general drawer may get damaged or lost. For example, watches can get scratched when you rummage around in the drawer to find something; finding a pair of loose cufflinks in a packed drawer can be an impossible task.

To solve this problem, you can build one or two small accessory drawers into your built-in wardrobe. These drawers can have dividers that give all your accessories an individual home. Everything becomes easier to find, and everything stays in good shape.

To find out more about how to create the perfect built-in wardrobe, talk to your wardrobe supplier.


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