Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Reasons for the Increased Demand for Concrete Tilt-Up Panels in Construction

by Frank Elliott

Construction, particularly if you are looking to build a multi-storey building characterised by expansive square footage, is expensive. But if you need a large structure, more so in commercial settings, then you cannot avoid having to meet the specifications of the building. Thus, if you are looking to construct a warehouse, an office building or even a storage space, then you need to deliberate on construction supplies that will be best for your project. One material that is steadily taking over the industry is concrete tilt-up panels. This piece illustrates the reasons for the increased demand for concrete tilt-up panels in construction.

Reduced expenses 

One of the primary reasons that can be attributed to the fast-rising popularity of concrete tilt-up panels is the costs savings that these building supplies accord a construction project. The material that is used to manufacture the tilt-up panels, concrete, is locally sourced. Hence, you do not have to bear the expenses of having to import the supplies. Secondly, since the concrete is locally available, it is not subject to drastic price fluctuations. Moreover, the ready availability of the concrete means that it can be acquired at an affordable price. Another reason why building with concrete tilt-up panels will be much cheaper for your project than, for example, steel, is that tilt-up panels need a smaller crew. Thus, your labour costs will be lower when you employ concrete tilt-up panels in the construction of your commercial building!

Quick turnaround

The longer your construction project is, the more money you will spend throughout that duration. Therefore, if you want to save on costs during the construction of your new structure, you need to figure out ways to reduce the project's estimated timeline. One way of doing this is by opting to build with concrete tilt-up panels. When compared to other popular construction supplies, concrete tilt-up panels have shown that they can substantially compress a project's overall schedule due to a couple of reasons. First, once the tilt-up panels have set, it is only a matter of putting them up, which is faster than having to build the framework of the structure bit by bit. Secondly, since the materials are being mixed on site, there are no delays that could be caused by the transportation of materials from a different source!

Guaranteed appeal

More and more property owners are looking to have visually appealing industrial structures rather than bland buildings. Due to this preference, concrete tilt-up panels have become a popular solution since they can be customised to suit the owners preferred aesthetic! Whether you want a specific texture on the walls, colour or even finish, you are guaranteed that the concrete tilt-up panels will meet the visual appeal you have in mind.


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Calling in the Contractors

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