Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Tips To Choosing Interior Paint Colours

by Frank Elliott

Choosing paint colours for a room so that it gives off the ambience and energy you are after can be tricky. When holding a paint sample in front of you, it is hard to envision what an entire wall in that shade will look like. Here are some tips for selecting the right hues for your project.

How Lighting Changes Colour

The same colour can look very different depending on lighting conditions. Bright lights can make muted shades more vivid, while low lighting can make brilliant hues moodier. To get an idea of how a particular shade will appear in your home, try holding samples up against the walls you intend to use them for. Natural versus artificial light can alter the ambience of a tone also, so make sure to check the sample at nighttime as well as daytime.

When In Doubt, Choose Subtler Colours

From among hundreds of possible pigments, you might have narrowed down the possibilities to several that you feel an affinity with. If you're undecided, go with the more subtle or neutral choice. It is easy to add a dash of colour with furnishings, rugs or paintings if you're after a bit more spice, but it's not so easy to tone down a wall colour with decor.

Adding Depth To A Room

You can use paint to add interest to a room and to give it a sense of depth by saving darker shades for different accent points. This contrasting colour scheme suggests shadows and so gives a multi-dimensional effect. One way to do this would be to paint the back wall of a bookshelf in a darker pigment. Another approach would be to have painters use a darker accent colour on one of the walls for added interest. The irregularity of the distinct wall is akin to the deviation provided by a nook within a room; it breaks up the sameness of four identical walls.

How Paint Effects Room Size

Paint colours impact on how large or small a room seems. Lighter walls reflect light which will brighten up an area, making it look more spacious. Darker hues, on the other hand, absorb light, so darker walls will tend to draw them closer for a cozy feeling. Contrast plays a role as well. You can reduce variation by painting the walls and ceiling the same colour. For a compact room that you want to appear more generous, sticking with one pale colour overall will produce the best result. Contrast in a larger room can make it warmer and more comfortable so you might want to contrast the wall and ceiling colours in that case.

Once you've decided, find painters who can paint the walls for you in the colours you want. 


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Calling in the Contractors

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