Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Tips To Choosing The Wall Colours For Your New Home

by Frank Elliott

Building a new home is your opportunity to put your stamp on the wall colours throughout the home. But it can be tricky to choose the right shade for each room with so many possibilities. Here are some ways to narrow your options down and arrive at some final hues. 

Think About Other Surfaces

To coordinate your chosen colour with the rest of the decor, consider other surfaces, such as flooring, cabinets or other furniture pieces. If the floor and cupboards in a kitchen are pale, for example, a light, neutral wall shade with a navy accent wall is one way to create balance and contrast. Another approach is to organise the tints of the various surfaces so that the darkest hue is on the floor, a lighter shade on the walls, and the palest on the ceiling. This schema produces a pleasing gradient effect, going from dark to light. 

Consider The Room's Purpose And Atmosphere

What mood do you want to produce in a particular room? The walls make up its largest surface, so their colour will go a long way towards creating the atmosphere. For a serene bedroom, try fresh greens and blues, or for a cozy dining room, a rich maroon will draw the walls in closer. In a confined area with little natural light, paler hues will provide a feeling of spaciousness by reflecting light. Brighter rooms that receive abundant daylight through large windows can better take bold statement colours. 

Borrow From A Colour Wheel

If you're finding it difficult to arrive at paint hues, why not turn to a colour wheel for inspiration? The outside rim shows hues at full strength, while the inner rims show more muted and lighter versions of those bright colours. Locate the existing colour of flooring or other items in the room on the colour wheel. Then pick from the colours around the wheel to decide on the wall paint. Complementary schemas combine colours on opposite sides, such as orange and blue, while analogous schemes involve colours adjacent on the wheel, like green and yellow.

Factor In Maintenance

If you're decorating a child's bedroom, consider how much maintenance the walls will require. Fingerprints, pencil marks and dirt tend to stand out more on pale surfaces. The same applies to other areas of the home, such are stairways, hallways or kitchens. Darker colours will be more forgiving, as they tend to conceal scuffs and smudges. Your building contractors can provide helpful advice on popular tones and shades for different areas.


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Calling in the Contractors

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