Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Reasons To Upgrade Your Landscape With Palmetto Turf

by Frank Elliott

While there is a myriad of grass species that you can choose for your yard, buffalo grass remains a popular option among Aussie homeowners due to the array of benefits that this grass offers. And one species of buffalo that is gaining popularity across the country is palmetto grass. If you have come across palmetto turf, you probably are aware of the fact that it is drought-resistant and is capable of retaining its colour irrespective of the season. However, these are not the only benefits of sourcing this grass from a palmetto turf supplier! Below are three reasons why you should upgrade your landscape with palmetto turf.

Weeds will not overrun palmetto turf.

A massive benefit of choosing palmetto grass is that it is not likely to be overcome by weeds. Once this grass has established properly, it functions to keep weeds at bay since it will not allow them to invade its roots. Moreover, once winter rolls around, it is still effective at resisting weeds, while other species of buffalo grass tend to be vulnerable as the temperatures drop. If you are to find a weed invasion in your garden, it is crucial to consult with a landscaping specialist since there could be an undiagnosed issue that is putting the palmetto in jeopardy.

Palmetto turf does not pose the risk of allergies.

If you or any of your loved ones are prone to hay fever and other allergies, then palmetto turf will be the best grass for your garden. When compared to other types of grass species, palmetto has substantially fewer seeds. These seeds are what tend to aggravate allergies in both humans and pets. If you have a toddler that loves playing in the grass or a pet prone to allergies, palmetto turf will not exacerbate these conditions. As a bonus, the minimal threat of allergies to palmetto translates into more time outdoors during the summer and less money spent on antihistamines!

Palmetto turf repairs itself easily.

The more you and your family spend time in the yard, the more damage the blades of your grass will acquire. If you have the wrong types of grass, your landscape will steadily develop patches of worn-out grass, and these detract from the visual appeal of your yard. However, palmetto does not cause this issue. Although it is not immune to damage, it recovers quite quickly so your garden will not appear worn. Moreover, palmetto grows quite quickly, so you never have to worry about unsightly patches of damaged grass.


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