Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

The Most Popular Grades Of Timber You Should Be Looking At

by Frank Elliott

Timber supplies are among the most popular building materials to consider when looking at constructing or renovating your home and for an obvious reason: they look incredible. If you are considering renovating your home with timber supplies, then there are a couple of things you need to know about before you begin placing orders and contracting out the work. The number-one thing you need to decide on is the type of wood you actually want. When it comes to differentiating between different timber types, the best information to look for is the timber supplies' grading information. Here are a few different timber grades and what they refer to.

Select Grade

Select grading refers to the very cleanest of all the timber supplies available. There are very minimal noticeable discolourations and borer marks. Instead, the timber is clean with a nice grain and a very even colouring. While this might seem ideal, many people actually buy timber supplies precisely because there is a bit of character to them, and when it comes to this category, select grading has the least amount of character by far. If a clean look is what you are after, however, then select grading is perfect for you.

Standard Grade

The Standard grade of timber is one that will have evidence of natural variations and may have some evidence of borer marks. You can expect to find some level of knots, gum veins, checking and overgrowth (or some combination of those listed). However, for the most part, the timber will still be quite clean with the overarching look being closer to that of select-grade timber rather than poorer quality timber. If you want a bit of texture but not too much, then the standard grade of timber is what you are after.

Natural Grade

Also referred to as high-feature grade. this level of quality is the closest you can get to having a natural tree displayed in your house. Rich features will be splashed along most of the timber, including much longer gum veins, big knots and interesting patterns that span multiple metres. This type of grading can be quite sought after, so prices often rise when there is a shortage because you simply cannot make more of it: you have to find more, and that is not always so easy. Natural-grade timber supplies are the pinnacle for wood lovers who are looking for an exciting but refined look that doubles as an artistic feature in their home. 

To learn more about timber supplies, consult a resource in your area.


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