Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

The Major Differences Between Plastic and Wooden Pallets

by Frank Elliott

Pallets should be a part of every companies transportation plans. Not only are they universally used and therefore easy to load, but they can carry many different objects with ease. Almost every industry uses pallets to some degree, and if you are starting your business then you should consider them too. When you start to do a little bit of research you quickly realise that there are two main types of pallets: wooden and plastic. While both are very useful, here are a few important differences between the two so that you can make an informed choice. 

1. Price

Price is going to be the determining factor for a lot of people, and wooden pallets are significantly cheaper than heavy-duty plastic pallets. However, you need to factor in the amount of use that you get out of each pallet when deciding on which one makes the most sense financially. You also need to consider which pallet is more suitable to the items you are transporting, as plastic is better in some areas while wood is more than serviceable in others. You can also find cheaper wooden pallets by looking for those made of pine and other softwoods, although those wear out even quicker so be warned! Price is not always the most relevant factor.

2. Weight 

Plastic pallets weigh a lot less than wooden pallets, which means that your overall transportation costs are lower. Plastic pallets can also carry heavier loads, which means fewer trips and pallets needed. However, wooden pallets are still far more widely available, so if you need pallets as soon as possible you will have a much easier task finding wood than plastic. While overall weight is important, it is only relevant to those who are transporting full loads every time. If you only need to transport a couple of pallets worth of stuff, then wood is totally fine.

3. Splinters 

It cannot be denied that eventually even hardwood pallets begin to splinter and that can negatively affect the product you are selling. If you intend to use your pallets every day or every week, with large loads or sensitive material, then plastic is the best option for you. If you are transporting mostly industrial items that are not being put directly onto a storefront near customers, then a few excess splinters are not a major deal and they can be brushed off quickly. 

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