Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Essential Tips for Removing Limescale on a Glass Shower Screen

by Frank Elliott

Shower screens are desirable since they add a sense of elegance to a bathroom and make the space to look bigger by allowing in more light. Unfortunately, some homeowners think that occasional cleaning of a glass shower screen helps to retain its sheen. However the lack of regular cleaning only creates the right environment for the accumulation of limescale. The encrusted layer gives shower screens a shabby look and messes with the interior of a bathroom. Therefore, how do you eliminate limescale from a glass shower screen? This article highlight essential tips in this regard.

Use Natural Acids -- Limescale is calcium carbonate, and the only way to remove it is by applying an acidic solution. However, when removing limescale from shower screens, you also need to think about the sealants and tiles on your bathroom. Notably, some commercial limescale removers are harsh on tiles and should be avoided. It makes finding the right limescale remover a tedious process for most people, and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error. That said, it is difficult to go wrong with natural acidic ingredients, which are safe to your hands and your bathroom accessories. The most popular natural limescale remover is a warm solution of vinegar and lemon juice. Therefore, prepare the solution, pour it in a spray bottle, and apply a generous amount on the affected parts of a glass shower screen.

Wipe Down Gently -- Perhaps the one thing that most people fear the most when cleaning glass shower screens is making unsightly scratch marks. However, this is precisely what will happen if you wipe down limescale from a shower screen vigorously. The reason is that the limescale might not dissolve fully, especially if you are dealing with a thick encrust. When you wipe a shower screen vigorously, small limescale particles leave behind unsightly scratch marks on the surface. For this reason, wipe down the dissolved limescale gently to ensure that loose particles do not damage the glass surface.

Establish Right Contact Time -- Some limescale is easy to deal with and only needs a few minutes after application of an acidic solution. However, you should be worried about thick and stubborn limescale, especially when trying to establish the optimal contact time for a homemade limescale remover. A good rule of thumb is to leave the acidic solution on a glass shower screen for as long as possible. If you are using a commercial limescale remover, make sure that you adhere to the manufacturer guidelines. Most importantly, do not leave a commercial limescale remover on a shower screen for too long because it will begin to eat the glass.

For more information about caring for your glass shower screen, reach out to a professional.


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