Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Metal Laser Cutting: Four Indispensable Tips for Effective Cost Management

by Frank Elliott

The benefits of laser cutting in metal fabrication operations are indisputable. This method has exceptional levels of precision and repeatability due to the incorporation of CNC technology. Also, the focussed beam is narrow and efficient, promoting good edge quality. Besides, the speed of laser machines allows for shorter project times. Therefore, consider using metal laser cutting to improve your commercial production. If you are worried about financial implications, use these tips for cost management.

Discuss the Suitability

Metal laser cutting is a versatile cutting method, but its suitability varies for different projects. Therefore, if you are worried about the costs of your metal fabrication project, determine the compatibility of the process with your requirements. The cost of manufacturing should not exceed the potential returns. Moreover, you must avoid unnecessary expenses for optimal returns. If you are uncertain about the suitability of laser cutting for your project, discuss the specifics with an experienced fabricator before deciding.

Avoid Amateur Work

Professional laser cutting is indispensable for quality commercial goods. Often, smaller companies choose cheaper fabrication services because of the cost limitations. Unfortunately, this choice is costlier in the long run. The poorly cut metal elements will be of low value, leading to poor performance and a lower selling price. Also, correcting the mistakes made during initial production will add to the expenses. Therefore, choose a specialist with experience in commercial laser cutting. Additionally, limit in-house laser cutting if your business focus is not manufacturing.

Consider the Material

The quality and size of your material will determine the ease and speed of laser cutting. If cutting the available metal is harder to cut, the costs will increase. Therefore, discuss the material limitations with your selected fabricator. For instance, inquire if there is an upper limit on the thickness of the metal panels. If thicker sheets cost more, revise your design to reduce the costs. Keep in mind that laser-ready metals are easier to cut because of their lower level of impurities. Consider using these materials to make the cutting process easier and cheaper.

Manage the Orders

Finally, you should manage your orders with care to minimise the financial stress of commercial laser cutting work. The costs of metal production are often high because of high volume orders. Discounts might apply for more products, but the total costs could affect cash availability. Therefore, consider ordering a small number of laser-cut products. If they are suitable for your needs, you can acquire more custom metal goods from your fabricator.  

Reach out to a professional who provides metal laser cutting to learn more.


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Calling in the Contractors

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