Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Are you sure that the foundation is strong enough?

by Frank Elliott

If you are building a new property, you should always build a strong, stable foundation. Calling in a geotechnical engineer to examine soil can be a vital first step to determine whether the soil is sufficiently strong and what type of foundation will be needed. If the soil isn't strong enough, or if there are other geographic problems with the locality, it may be necessary to use piling to provide a stable foundation that will endure through the years. Piling uses long piles that are sunk deep into the ground to spread the weight of the building or to rest the structure on the solid rock far underground. Normally, piling is completed during the construction phase but, there may be other times that piling is required.

Has your building moved?

It can be a scary thought to consider that your home may not be as stable as you thought. If you have noticed that doors or windows are becoming harder to open or shut or that jagged cracks are growing across the walls of your home, you could have a problem with subsidence. Perhaps, there were underground workings below your property that were undetected during construction, or maybe, nearby building work has disturbed the ground, causing your home to shift. It could be that when your home was built, the soil underneath it was not sufficiently compacted, leaving room for it to move once the home was built. Rather than hoping that the problem will fix itself, it is best to call a piling company and ask them to secure the property foundation.

Is your building changing?

Perhaps, the existing foundation of your building is sufficient for your home, but you are about to place additional stresses on the foundation that it wasn't designed to meet. You could be thinking about adding a new storey to your home or building along the side of the property and placing extra weight on the foundation. Maybe, you want to add solar panels or some other structure to the roof of your home. If the weight of the home will increase, strengthening the foundation is vital to secure the future of the building. A piling contractor can assess your plans and determine the best way to strengthen the foundation so that it can bear the additional weight.

Do you need advice?

If you aren't sure whether the foundation of your home is sufficient or whether your extension plans could affect the stability of your property, talk to a qualified engineer today. They can guide you to the right decision and survey your existing situation to determine whether piling could be needed.


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Calling in the Contractors

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