Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Two Tips To Follow When Using A Residential Gutter Installation Service

by Frank Elliott

Here are two tips to follow when using a residential gutter installation service.

Prepare the exterior of your house for the installation

You may need to prepare the exterior of your house for the gutter installation. For instance, if the bricks on the exterior of the house are crumbling due to their age or if the mortar that keeps them stable has deteriorated, you may need to replace these bricks or the mortar around them. If you don't, the contractor who installs the gutters might have a hard time securing the drainpipes to the walls, because any screws or support clips they try to use to keep these pipes attached to the wall won't remain stable if they're attached to crumbling bricks or mortar.

Additionally, you should make sure that the installation area is clear of objects that might get in the contractor's way. For example, if you have hanging flower baskets on the area of the wall where the vertical drainpipe will be located, you should temporarily remove these so the contractor can easily and safely lay their ladder against this wall. On a related note, if the paving that's directly under the area of your house where the horizontal guttering and its vertical drainpipes will be installed, you should also ensure this is fixed before the installation as it will be impossible for the contractor to keep their ladder stable on this uneven, damaged surface.

Book the installation for a day when it's likely to be dry

Whilst if your existing guttering system has completely collapsed and has to be urgently replaced, you might have no choice but to get the installation done during bad weather, it's best to try to have it carried out on a day when it's dry if you can. The reason for this is that there may be a period of a few hours during which the contractor has removed your current guttering system and has not yet finished installing its replacement. If it rains a lot during these hours, the water might saturate your house exterior's walls and some of the water could even seep towards your foundation (if the area where the bottom of the exterior walls meets the ground is not fully sealed).

Additionally, whilst the contractor will work hard to install the guttering system quickly and correctly, regardless of the weather, it will be harder for them to do this if it's raining a lot, due to the reduction in visibility and how slippery the rain will make their ladder, their tools and the gutter components. As such, it's worth waiting for dry weather to have this installation done. Look into residential gutter installation for more information.


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