Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

3 Splashback Ideas That Will Help To Create A Lighter and Brighter Kitchen

by Frank Elliott

One of the key focuses in kitchen interior design is creating an abundance of natural light. This focus applies to every different style and layout in modern kitchens and is essential for creating a bright, airy and appealing space. If your kitchen has a limited number of windows and the space doesn't allow for adding in new ones, then you can still increase the amount of light in the room with clever design.

Your kitchen splashback is a great feature to focus on to achieve this objective. Splashbacks account for a fairly large percentage of your kitchen's wall space and provide a great opportunity to add more light to the room. Here are three ideas for splashbacks that will make your kitchen a lighter and more modern environment.

1. Window splashback

If your kitchen is located along a wall that forms part of your home's exterior, then creating a splashback window is an excellent option. It's a way to add a significant amount of natural light to the room while still having a functional splashback for your sink and cooking areas.

The glass that is used for a window splashback needs to made from tough, crack resistant glass that is also not going to be damaged by heat. Your glass contractor can advise you about which types of glass will be best suited for this purpose.

2. Mirrored splashback

If your kitchen is in an internal position that doesn't allow the addition of a window splashback, then a mirrored splashback is another great option. Mirrors are commonly used to increase the light in rooms because they reflect any available light and increase the level of brightness.

Mirrored splashbacks are also great if you have a compact kitchen. Mirrors create the illusion of more space and can transform your small kitchen from a cramped and enclosed space into one that feels more open and spacious.

3. Glass splashbacks

Another easy way to add more light to your kitchen is to use glass splashbacks. Although these won't be quite as effective as window or mirrored splashbacks, they'll still help to make your kitchen a lighter and brighter space.

Glass splashbacks are basically toughened glass panels which are attached to the splashback area that has been painted. The reflective surface of the glass helps to bounce the available light back into the room. This quality can be enhanced by making sure that the paint you choose is a light shade that won't suck in the light like darker colours do. For more information, contact a business such as Robertson's Glazing Service.


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