Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Ways to Integrate Kerbs Into Your Community Park Design

by Frank Elliott

If you're designing a community park, you may want to integrate concrete kerbing in a variety of places through the park. Wondering why you should place kerbs? Here are some ideas to consider implementing in your design.

To Outline Different Areas

Kerbs work perfectly for outlining different areas of your park. You can use kerbs to separate playgrounds from running paths and to separate running paths from grassy areas. You can also integrate different styles of kerbs to emphasise the aesthetics in different areas of your park.

To Seperate Car Parks and Grassy Areas

When used to separate car parks and grassy areas, kerbs act as almost a safety device. They deter cars from driving into the park and help to ensure they stay in the car park.

To Create Pedestrian Refuges

In parking lots, kerbs can also be used to create pedestrian refuges. These are raised areas, outlined by curbs and often filled with grass or other landscaping elements. They give pedestrians a safe place to rest or find refuge as they walk through a parking lot, and they can be essential in a large, busy parking lot. They can also work in tandem with painted lines to direct traffic into the right areas.

To Make Planters

Just as you use kerbing to create pedestrian refuges, you can also use kerbing to create planters through your park. The kerbs can be standard height and create a planter that holds small native plants, or you can hire a commercial kerb specialist to build a slightly higher kerb.

To Ease Into Retaining Walls

If your park has a lot of dips and swells, you may need to add a few retaining walls. For a gradual look, you may want to start with a kerb height wall that increases to a waist height or higher wall. Your kerbing contractor can give you ideas of what may enhance your space the best.  

To Corral Sand, Wood Chips, or Other Landscaping Materials

Sometimes, using kerbs to separate areas isn't just about creating visual distinctions. In some cases, separating areas helps to keep the park tidy. For instance, if you have sand in a play area, but you don't want all the sand kicked into your grass, kerbing can help to corral the sand.

Similarly, if you have wood chips in the planters along your walking paths, kerbs can also keep those elements from spilling onto the pavement. To get more ideas for your park, contact a commercial kerbing contractor today.



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