Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

The Important Role of Building Surveyors

by Frank Elliott

Building surveyors are vital personnel whose role is to ensure that buildings under construction are safe, accessible and energy efficient. They interact with builders, architects and engineers to carry out their role. This means that building surveyors have a strong influence on the design of buildings and all the activities that take place to plan this design. These personnel will closely monitor all aspects of construction for the duration of the project. They carry out routine inspections in relation to many areas of safety and functionality of the building, including the following:

  • Footing Inspection — The footings are at the base of the entire building. Therefore if there were to be an issue with these, such as loose rubble, dirt or water inside the trenches, then this could severely affect the safety of the building once it's complete. Building surveyors inspect the footing before concrete is poured and recommend any changes that need to be made. 
  • Frame Inspection  The structural framework is another important component of any building. Any issues with the structure of a building can result in the building not being able to sustain the load it is intended for. Building surveyors check this framework for workmanship and compliance. They will particularly be looking at structural material compliance, horizontal wind beams and stress grades. 
  • Practical Completion Stage  This is another mandatory inspection that is required by state laws. This takes place when the construction is complete and it is time to hand over the building. In this inspection, building surveyors all the plumbing fittings, fixtures installed, appliances, external walkways and more. They will identify any areas of concerns so that these issues can be immediately fixed so that the project can be completed in the time frame designated. The building surveyor will then issue an occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection. 

Building surveyors are trained to understand building law. This law sets out all the rules and regulations with regards to the construction of new buildings. Building projects are costly and need to be completed in a specific time frame; delays due to non-compliance can cost thousands of dollars. This is why appointing a qualified building surveyor is essential to the successful completion of the project. 

Before appointing a building surveyor, their credentials must be checked to ensure that they are licensed to be employed in this role. Additionally building surveyors must also have insurance to be legally allowed to practice. For more information, contact a professional business that offers building surveying.


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Calling in the Contractors

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