Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Two tips for those who want to run their business from the house that they intend to construct

by Frank Elliott

If you want to operate a business from the house that you are planning to build, the following advice might help you with this process.

Ask your home builder to create a separate entryway for your house's workspace.

Home builders who are tasked with creating these types of properties frequently advise their clients to opt for a layout which features a separate entryway that provides them and their customers with direct access to their workspaces from the outside. Whilst this could increase your construction expenses (as, in addition to fitting the standard front and back exterior doors in the house, you would have to get a third exterior doorway made, and then buy and fit a door in it), there are many benefits to having your builder design a layout like this.

For example, if you provide a service that your customers' won't necessarily want to publicise their use of (for instance, if you offer psychotherapy sessions or a bikini waxing service), then having a separate entryway will give your customers the privacy that they need, as they won't have to walk through your home and potentially run into your friends and family members who happen to be visiting as they make their way to your workspace.

Additionally, constructing a separate entrance will also help you to create a clear boundary between your business and your home life, as your customers won't walk through your home and see things like your family photos and your pets, or meet and talk to your other household members. This will also mean that you won't have to worry about ensuring that your home looks presentable and professional every time a customer is due to arrive.

Fit soundproofing materials in the wall that connects your workspace to the rest of your home.

It is also best to fit soundproofing materials (such as noise-reducing fibreboard, plasterboard and insulation) in the wall that your builder will construct between your workspace and the rest of the house. The reason for this is as follows; if you will need to discuss confidential matters with your clients in your workspace, it is important that the people in the rest of your home (such as your children's nanny or your housecleaner, for example) cannot hear the things that are said in this room. The soundproofing materials from which the shared wall is made should ensure that no one will overhear private information that they should not be privy to.

Furthermore, if the service you provide generates a lot of noise (for example, if you provide a hairdressing service and will need to use blow-dryers on your clients' hair), the soundproofing materials present in the shared wall will ensure that your other household members can relax in the house without being continually disturbed by the noise produced by your work activities.

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Calling in the Contractors

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