Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Temporary Workers on Your Construction Project – Are You Ready for Them?

by Frank Elliott

Businesses have three common phases. There are times when the venture is booming and everything plays out well for you. Other times are relatively steady, and things appear to be consistent with little to no changes. The worst times come when things slow down, and you need to pay attention to your costs during these periods. If you are taking on a construction project, slow times are the perfect time to consider bringing in temporary workers. You can hire them to carry out the menial and ad hoc tasks that will use up valuable time for your skilled personnel. In this guide, you will learn about the things that you should do when you hire temporary construction workers for your site.

Start with the Legalities

Your top priority should be to provide a legal framework for everyone before you start working. There is a need to lay down rules that will stipulate the code of conduct and the things you expect from your workers for the period you engage. It clarifies things such as gross misconduct, terms of remuneration and resolution of disputes at various levels. Come up with a contract or service agreement outlining all these essentials, including remuneration and other elements such as termination.

Get the Right Protective Equipment

Do not let any of your temporary workers begin training or work without the right personal protective equipment. The equipment you get will depend on the tasks undertaken by the individual workers. For example, workers at risk of falling from a height will need helmets and high-quality gloves to help them grab onto anchor points. They will also need harnesses, temporary anchor points and lanyards to support them in case of an accidental slip. If you are going to deploy people underground on the site, make sure you assess the site for risk factors such as poisonous gases. Safety gas masks will be a necessity in such cases.

Provide Training

Some of the temporary workers you hire may not have enough experience for the work you are giving them. You need to train them and impart the skills they need to deliver your project outcomes. For example, a temporary worker with knowledge of building concrete parking lots may not have enough expertise to build a wall with electrical and plumbing utilities. Train them extensively on this and make sure they work under close supervision. It would help if you brought the temporary workers into the project a few weeks before you expect them to begin work. That period will help them familiarise themselves with the job.

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Calling in the Contractors

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