Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

Benefits of an Open Plan Designed House

by Frank Elliott

If you're building a new house, you might be considering an open plan design. These homes combine dining and living areas with the kitchen, for instance, rather than dividing the house, room by room. Consider the following benefits of an open plan design.

Lighter and More Spacious

Without walls that block the light flow, a home feels brighter and more spacious. The open area makes a home feel larger, even when the overall dimensions are relatively small, as the eye can see further into the distance. Additionally, the added brightness can reduce your use of artificial globes and save energy costs.

Offers Flexibility in Design

If you live in an open-plan space without hard walls, you can reorganise the layout, shrinking or enlarging different regions. For example, by rearranging a sofa and rug, you can redefine where the living space starts and ends to make it roomier. You could decide that you don't need a dining area, and create one lounge area. Conversely, walled rooms don't allow so much freedom in how you organise your home.

Safer and More Convenient

Open plan living is safer in that you can watch over children and people under your care easily. You may be cooking in the kitchen while keeping your eyes on kids and others in the living room. You'll have the added convenience of being able to multi-task by supervising homework while preparing a meal. 

Allows for Sense of Company

Everyone can enjoy each other's company while doing different activities such as watching TV, reading, or cooking. In a home with separate rooms, you might be aware that others are in the house, but you don't have the same sense of company you get when walls don't separate you. 

Helps Those with Mobility Issues

People with mobility issues can more easily get around an open plan space that doesn't converge into narrow doorways and hallways. As you can rearrange the furniture in endless ways in one big open area, you can structure the layout in a spacious way to help even more.

Easy to Clean

With a continuous floor, you can push a vacuum cleaner or mop around your home with fewer obstructions. You won't have to plug and unplug your machine as you go in and out of different rooms. Plus, often the same flooring materials cover all areas besides the kitchen, which means you don't have to swap one cleaning implement for another as you do with multiple surface types.

More Sellable House

Many people love open floor plan houses, a highly popular trend. Thus, if you sell in the future, your home will likely be more appealing and saleable. Therefore, the benefits of going with this sought after type of residential building design will extend over the long term.

For more information, reach out to a local residential building design service.


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Calling in the Contractors

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