Calling in the Contractors

Calling in the Contractors

  • Concrete Grinding Vs Concrete Cutting – What Is The Difference?

    Concrete grinding and concrete cutting are two common techniques used for an assortment of concrete applications. As a result, some people tend to confuse the two and use the terms interchangeably assuming that they mean the same thing. Although both methods are viable ways to enhance or transform the appearance of concrete, their goals are distinctly different. So how can you differentiate between concrete grinding and concrete cutting? Concrete grinding

  • 3 Splashback Ideas That Will Help To Create A Lighter and Brighter Kitchen

    One of the key focuses in kitchen interior design is creating an abundance of natural light. This focus applies to every different style and layout in modern kitchens and is essential for creating a bright, airy and appealing space. If your kitchen has a limited number of windows and the space doesn't allow for adding in new ones, then you can still increase the amount of light in the room with clever design.

  • Home Remodelling Ideas for the Home Owner Who Loves to Entertain!

    Other than being a passion and a lifestyle, hosting is an art only mastered by few. If you are one of the lucky home owners who loves to host birthday parties, family gatherings, and company dinners, then you know planning is everything. So, what do you do when you feel your home lacks the right feel, look or space to accommodate your guests? Is your space worth a full remodel?

  • Two ways to ensure your construction project goes smoothly

    If you have plans to undertake a construction project in the near future, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that your endeavour goes as smoothly as possible. Invest in site analysis One of the most effective ways to ensure that your construction project goes off without a hitch is to have the site on which you intend to build analysed. A professional who offers site analysis services will thoroughly evaluate your chosen plot of land and provide insight into important matters such as property boundaries, adjacent roads and their potential impact on the construction process, as well as the presence (or lack) of services such as utility lines and sewerage systems.

  • Get Creative with Glass Splashbacks and Install Them in Your Laundry Room

    Glass splashbacks have garnered a reputation for being a design element in kitchens or bathrooms. Over the years, though, there has been an emerging trend in utilising glass splashbacks in laundry rooms too! Surprisingly, people do not realise the amount of time that they spend in their laundry room. Despite the hours on end spent here, laundry rooms remain one of the most neglected spaces in the home, which translates into them being dark and unappealing.

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    Calling in the Contractors

    Hello! My name is Andy and I have recently finished building my dream home by the ocean. I have always loved swimming and surfing in the sea so the idea of living by the beach has always appealed to me. I used to live in a small apartment but I worked hard and saved as much cash as I could. By the time I reached the age of 47, I finally had the funds to build my dream home. I called in a team of construction contractors who built my house. They were really great guys and I picked up a lot of knowledge during the months they were working with me. I will share some of the knowledge here.